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Opening Thoughts:

We often hear the paradoxical saying “the only constant is change”, but perhaps another constant is the passing of time. As the world moves towards a new normal with face masks, social restrictions and contact tracing, the reality of adulting also creeps in.

The writing of this piece thus marks the halfway point in the university journey for my peers and I (excluding the double degree/master’s folk, y’all chose the 5 year uni life!). To put it into perspective, we are now closer to formally entering the workforce than to our days in tertiary education. …

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Opening Thoughts:

It has been an unexpected year for all, a disruptive year for many, a particularly tough year for some and a good year for *coughs* companies producing masks, gloves and vaccines. To say the least, some of us have been impacted more so than others. As a second-year student in NUS, for better or worse, how this semester would be like was already somewhat expected (given our experience with online classes last semester). Yet, despite the dreariness of having almost every activity shifted online, there always seems to be something new to learn about ourselves and the world around us.

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Opening Thoughts:

This summer will probably be unlike any other the world has seen in a while. We often perceive summer break as a time to unwind with overseas adventures, catch up with friends and family, etc. Yet, the summer of 2020 has been marked by worry and anxiety (especially amongst the graduating cohort and those who have lost their jobs). Even for current undergraduates, opportunities for both work and leisure throughout summer have been ̶r̶e̶k̶t̶e̶d̶ restricted by recent global developments.

However, that is not to say that summer break has now been reduced to extended Netflix sessions where one…

A review on Tsukiji Fish Market from a tourist’s perspective

What holiday to Tokyo, Japan will be complete without a visit to the famed Tsukiji Fish Market? Armed with a trove of knowledge provided online on how best to discover Tsukiji Fish Market, my travel companions and I prepared for the visit by sleeping early. We were warned that beyond 9:00am, visitors would be packed like sardines in a can with each other (“Oh the irony…” I thought to myself). True to reviews online, when we arrived at Tsukiji around 7:30am, there was a tranquil calmness in the atmosphere.

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